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For 5 and 6 inch K style gutters with 1×2 and/or Trim Mold.


4600styleIf your installing gutters on 1 x 2s and/or trim mold, you have to consider the NEW 4600 1×2 T-Wedge or 4600 1×2 T-Wedge Hanger. Conventional installation of gutters on 1×2 and/or trim mold the existing way leaves up to 71% of the gutter UNSUPPORTED causing sags and pull-aways. Learn more…

The T-wedge 4600 can correct the worst of sagging issues by fully supporting the back of the 5 or 6 inch gutter. Uniquely designed for simple installation – requires no tools, just squeeze and push down.

pic4600• Gives 100% support against rain, snow, and ice.
• No tools required.
• Works with virtually all 5 and 6 inch gutters on the market.
• Keeps the gutters square and plum for years.
• Also see the 6600 1×2 Hanger T-Wedge.

.050 Wall Thickness


Color: Mill